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Useful links

CULTRURE - Russian social network (UK)
Official Russian TV chanel in English
A website made initially by a joint effort of Russian and American citizens in an attempt to find out more about each others’ cultures after the end of the Cold War.
(In Russian) This Russian journal covers most aspects of life, starting with historical events, other cultures, developments in astronomy, medicine and other sciences (including environmentally friendly technologies), famous people’s biographies, new societal developments etc. This is one of the best Russian journals currently around and has a good level of language employed in it.
Here is a website with links to Russian museums one can visit.
A website about Russian culture (in Russian), if you don’t speak Russian well or at all, you can use links in the “TRANSLATE” section to get a rough English translation of the texts.
Here again, you can find links to museums, texts about Russian towns, their history and some prominent historical figures, as well as art and music.

free internet library containing many Russian books
free internet library containing many Russian books & -introduction to simple Russian texts, some Russian works translated into English
(also some links to free internet libraries with Russian books)

One of the best online translators.
Roughly translate blocks of text from different languages to Russian
translate words into Russian from most of the common West European languages, includes varied and sophisticated vocabulary translations, as well as professional (e.g. medicine) terminology if you need some serious high quality translation into Russian, you can hire many professional translators here

Keeps track of sport news in Russia.
A Russian sport newspaper with short articles keeping track of most major sports events. (in Russian) here you can find a huge catalogue of links to all sorts of sports and championships throughout the world from Russian perspective

A Russian expats forum, find out what Russians living outside of Russia talk about.
For those who’d like to practice their Russian language skills and widen their vocabulary- a forum with one of the highest levels of Russian language and vocabulary used on the Russian Internet with many different divisions including sports, entertainment industry, culture, photography, IT as well as Russian humour.


News, political, cultural, business reviews
Read the news in English on what’s happening around the world from Russian perspective.
Here you can find news about Russian business and consulting.
One of russian newspapers in English, find out more about sports, politics and general news from the Russian perspective.
Keeps track of news in Russia and other former Soviet Republics.
One of the biggest Russian Nespapers.
A local nespaper that covers the life in St Petersburg.
Another Russian newspaper with a significant political focus.
Another Moscow based newspaper covering business and political news.
BBC news website in Russian.

Here you can find the goverenment’s press releases in English.
An intro page in English that has links to all official government body structures of Russia.
Here you can find out more about the Government’s organisation and the latest official news and projects.

Official website of Moscow State University
Unofficial student website about the Moscow Technical State University
Official website of Moscow Technical State University!OpenForm
Official website of Russian Academy of Economy
Official website of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Official website of Russian School of Economy
Official website of State University Higher School of Economics
Official website of Saint-Petersburg State University
Official website of Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunication
Official website of Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
Official website of Novosibirsk State University
Official website of Novosibirsk State Technical University
Official website of Saratov State University

Website of Russian Consulate in London
One of several websites that offers you the opportunity of spending your vacation in Russia.
Another website that offers you information on spending your vacation in Russia
Yet another website that offers you information on how to get around and survive in Russia during your vacation

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